PhD Thesis

Metaphysics of Time

My work-in-progress PhD thesis – Every Thing Changes, Everything Stands Still. Dynamics and Persistence in a Relativistic Spacetime – explores theories of the persistence of objects over time and through change in a relativistic spacetime. In particular it focuses on defending a counterpart-theoretic view of persistence (a version of the stage theory) which meets the following criteria:

  1. be empirically adequate and physically respectable;
  2. provide sufficient resources to model our manifest image and talk of change in ordinary objects.

Part of the research is of course to offer a conceptually more precise characterisation of said criteria, bringing in considerations from the philosophy of physics, and driving part of thesis towards the metametaphysics of persistence. I am preparing a paper on that last topic at the moment.

Another part is to develop a relativistic spacetime compatible stage theory using a formal theory of location instead of mereology. I am preparing another paper on that issue.

Side Interests

Social Ontology

I also work in social ontology, especially on the ontology and nature of money. I attempt to develop a unified theory of money as a deontic power. I am also preparing an entry on the philosophy of money for a French-speaking online encyclopaedia.


I am a proud member of Cooloque, an association of young Swiss researchers in the humanities devoted to the study of youth culture concepts like coolchilllose and yolo. We regularly organise experimental conferences and self-publish their proceedings.

You can find the most recent information on our facebook page, and access the full text of the published proceedings from our three past conferences on our page.

If you ever wondered whether Switzerland was cool (spoiler: it isn’t really), local newspaper Le Temps asked us about it.